We got to let love rule...

We got to let love rule…

This morning I had the pleasure of being a guest at a poetry recital hosted by my eldest daughter.

Lovely in its own right, the poetry recital was the result of a lot of planning and practice by a bunch of enthusiastic nine-year olds and was for a special cause. The girls are raising money to build a library in Cambodia as part of a school wide initiative (Room to Read). I also see it as another great example of the school and the teaching community (including the Mini-Fashionista’s wonderful teacher) to foster the girls understanding of compassion.

I think it’s such a wonderful life lesson. Developing compassion for others helps us care more for our communities, our environment and just  makes you a nicer human being all round.

My own cup of love and compassion is somewhat endless, there is always more love to give (that’s sounds a wee bit over the top doesn’t it?).

I am by nature a hugs and kisses kind of person (again a bit OTT, but very true). Over the years I have had people I work with and am friends with question the amount of compassion I show, as if I have a limited amount available to me and it would be silly to squander it all on something small. I see it as a cup that is continually getting topped up.

I take every opportunity I get to let my little tribe know how much I love them, along with the lovely Big A (my patient and solid as a rock husband) and my family.  Each morning I make sure I give everyone a kiss goodbye, and there is always time for a bedtime kiss and cuddle. This all comes back to one of the traits I love to foster in my little tribe, compassion and love for others. As the wise and talented Lenny Kravitz once sang, ‘we got to let love rule’.

Enjoy xx

Your thoughts?

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