One of my fave quotes x

One of my fave quotes x

Today I have woken up happy.

Do you have those days?  The days when the sun seems a little brighter, you notice the flowers in your garden, there’s a sparkle in your eyes.

It’s a welcome relief after being a little melancholy, kind of down in the dumps mood for the last wee while.

My turning point was a conversation (via messages) with three lovely mates. Three of the funniest and warmest blokes I know, who have known me since I was 17.  We met at uni, and as I said in one of my messages back to them, the years we spent together were truly golden years.  Lots of laughs, a heap of great music, a fair bit of getting up to…(since my kids sometimes read this) mischief. Over 20 years later, they can still bring a smile to my face.

The clincher was a conversation with my littlest poppet last night. She came in to check on me while I was in the study, to see if I was doing ok.  When I said ‘yes, I just finished my assignment’, she said without hesitation, ‘well done Mum, I am so proud of you!’ topping it off with a kiss on the cheek.

Seriously made my night, and coupled with my reminiscing with mates dragged me out of my funk.

How lucky am I?

Four happy, bright little people I am lucky enough to have as my children, fab friends, a loving family and living in a friendly sunny city.

Life is pretty good, in fact as my 8 year old would say, actually it’s awesome!

How are you going?  Maybe you could spend time with a old friend reminiscing?

Enjoy xx

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