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What do you do on a Sunday? My ritual has evolved over time and place.

Life in Sydney = the Bondi to Bronte run, a dip to cool off at Bronte or Glamourama (sorry Tamarama), late breakfast at Hugo’s (because they had rugs for your lap AND great coffee), then a trip to one of the traditional Jewish bakeries for REAL bagels (have you tried a REAL bagel? they are delish!).  

Fast forward a few years, and the arrival of the tribe, my ritual in Sydney morphed and adapted, resulting in the addition of babycinos and floaties for the tribe (for swimming…of course).

Our big move to fabulous France signalled another evolution. Sunday = a trip to the marché, museés, jardins or forêt (market, museum, parks or forest), wine and glorious food shared with friends (oh how I miss the fabulous food and wine and our France-based friends), skypeing home to Oz (very often getting the time difference wrong…sorry Mum!).

Now living in sunny Perth (West Coast), Sunday = takeaway coffee (check out my faves here), dipping our toes in the water at one of the many fab beaches, and taking the whole tribe to the park (fur-kids included).

What is your Sunday ritual? Has it changed over time and place?

Enjoy xx

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