Delving into online news and stories...

Delving into online news and stories…

This morning I struggled to get out of bed (partly the dodgy knee, partly just plain tired). Yep, I know not particularly newsworthy, but bear with me…

So I was lying there, and realised I was missing my usual Saturday morning routine, coffee, news/papers, keeping in touch with what’s going on.

Which I love.

Probably inherited from my Dad, a fellow newsy lover, I usually buy two or three papers each day on the weekend. To get my fill of what is going on.

Plus I read a lot online now. From news sites to websites, to my new fave blogs.

So back to this morning, no paper, and me still in bed. Craving some newsy goodness, and interesting stories, I clicked on Facebook, then through to some of my favourite blogs.

Fast forward an hour. Yep a whole hour of reading inspirational stories, laughing out loud, and getting a bit teary.

More powerful, more gritty, and more inspirational than anything I have read in the paper recently.

Here are the top three that made me laugh, smile and shed a tear:

  • First up Edenland. I have a bit of a blog-crush on Eden Riley. She is ballsy, honest and oh so vulnerable all at the same time. This piece about her tussles with mainstream media struck a chord this morning. Why does mainstream media often chase down the ‘sensationalist streak’ of a story? Oh, I’m not naive I know it sells more papers and all that. However, my self-confessed Pollyanna streak doesn’t want or need that. I am guessing a lot of folks feel the same way. Like me, maybe they want real stories, and musings and insights. Thank you Eden for giving me all that and a whole lot more!
  • Next up was Carly Findlay, who I also admire a whole lot. She’s smart, funny, and writes from her heart. This story made me teary. To picture Carly, in a cab suffering such vile treatment is beyond belief. Except it happened, and she wrote about it, bravely, honestly and with heart.
  • Woogs World and Mrs Woog. This is an oldie but a goldie! It’s all about a little adventure with Sonia Kluger (that’s Mrs Woogs car, yep even her car has a funny name). Mrs Woog is on holidays at the moment, but if you check in on her facebook page, she is still on fire in the funny stakes.

Have you got a fave blog or newsy website?

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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