Somewhere over the rainbow, Western Australia (photo kudos to my lovely Mum)

Nothing beats the blues faster than music.

From Green Day to Muse, right through to the old school cool of The Clash, the soundtrack to my life has always been eclectic with a touch of kick-arse.

Bit strong?

That’s the ticket for soundtrack for me, the track has to be all-consuming, letting me get lost in the moment.

Heading to the gym this morning when it’s freezing cold and I’m still not quite awake?

Prodigy – without a doubt. Closely followed by Public Enemy…

Cruising to the beach on the weekend?

The mellow sounds of Jack Johnson, Donovon Frankenreiter, or Beautiful Girls.

Celebrating the end of the week? Florence and the Machine all the way.

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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