Flashdance and Captain Jack marching/dancing to the beat of their own drum…

I love music and have a soundtrack for life playing in my head most of the time.

I love musicians who throw their heart and soul into every note and moment, playing with guts and passion, so you get drawn into the moment.

Captain Jack (6 years) is with me, music literally moves him to tears and laughter.

Flashdance (5 years) acquired his nickname from his love of music and dancing, ALL the time, EVERY day, in everything he does. He doesn’t just march to the beat of his own drum, he grooves along to it.

So who better to help me choose the tracks for a super Saturday than our own boy wonders?

Here is our soundtrack for a SUPER Saturday:

  • Of  Monsters and Men: little talks. Check out the filmclip. AMAZING! Part ballad/war-song/folk-song, this cool bunch of Icelandic folk rock out in such quirky style you can’t help but sing along. Seriously, try not to caught up in this piece of Icelandic gold.
  • Foster the people: Pumped up Kicks.  Such a bunch of cool cats, check out this clip and their website. Try and catch them live (try youtube) , even the dude on the tambourine rocks on. Plus the dancing/grooving as they play.
  • FUN: Tonight. The whole tribe LOVES FUN! Bless his shorts pants and braces, the cool front-man is a groover! He belts out each and every note with every part of his being, and you want to belt it out along with him. Check our fave track out here.
  • Mumford and Sons: Lion Man. clichéd but true, I picked this CD up in the UK for a road-trip around Ireland.  In dire need of some cool tracks (the radio stations were AWFUL, I could not find a single one NOT filled with ads) for driving we picked up a selection in Limerick (the town not the type of poem), this was one awesome selection. God, the angst, passion, and soul packed into every track is amazing.  Sure there is some swearing, so maybe wait until the kids nod off, but by God, those boys can sing.

Enjoy xx

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