T is for T-Rex! #amonthof

T is for T-Rex! #amonthof

One of the many fab things about being a mother to two little boys is the whole new world of interesting stuff they are into.

Top of the list is dinosaurs.  So in honour of our tribes love of all things prehistoric, todays entry in the #amonthof series is T is for T-Rex, king of the dinosaurs.

Know someone who LOVES dinosaurs?

Here’s a few fave dino-themed discoveries of our own.

  • If you live in London or have the chance to visit check out the Natural History Museum, it is a dino-lovers dream. Filled to the brim with models, skeletons, fossils and other cool prehistory, this place blew our minds.
  • Get a couple of cool dino books, we love this one and also this one (the artwork/drawings are beautiful – whether you love dinosaurs or not).
  • How about building your own dinosaur?  We’ve build this one, the t-rex (of course), and they look pretty cool!
  • What about throwing a dino-themed party? A fab friend of ours threw a great party a few years ago, where kids were presented with a ‘dig pass’ when they arrived, discovered some ‘bones’ in the sandpit/ site, and had a ball doing a dino-themed scavenger hunt…(complete with dino-trivia along the way)

Enjoy xx


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  1. glass spigot says:

    glass spigot…

    Coming from a huge Zelda fan, the game was amazing (I gave the game a perfect score after all)but it was up against some heavy competition….

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