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A fab party frock from my new collection for This Grand Life...

A fab party frock from my new collection for This Grand Life…

I am super excited about this. No surprise really as I tend to get super excited about a lot of things (that would be that Pollyanna streak).

Spurred on by my family and friends I am in the process of designing and making a collection of fab frocks, gorgeous gear for little boys, sweet teeny baby gear and some other lovely treasures.

I have thought about doing something like this for years, but with working (I have a career in science), raising my little tribe (as gorgeous and wonderful as they are, four kids takes up a LOT of time) and trying to be a half-way lovely partner (thanks for the patience Big A), well there was not a whole lot of time left. For me. Or for a new project.

Or so I thought!

A few months ago I made the decision to start making the time, because this was important to me.

Turns out it was pretty easy once I made the commitment.  I have cut down internet time, tv time and streamlined things on the home-front).

So today, I am happy to announce I am now well and truly into it, and have been busily designing, making, photographing…

Stay tuned, photos and details will be posted here and on my Facebook page (duck over to this side—–> of my page to click ‘like’).

Have you got a project on the go or are you still waiting for the ‘right’ time?

Enjoy xx

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