Today heralds the beginning of the festival of pink.  Before the tribe arrived on the scene, I happily enjoyed a world, home and closet of muted tones, greys, creams, with the occasional splash of blue. My own wardrobe, built on a solid base of black, grey and navy served me well. 

Then the Mini-Fashionista entered our lives.  With a strong sense of style, and passion for pink, she put her stylish little foot down early.

I wanted her to wear clothes like this…

A 'muted' selection of wardrobe for the Mini-Fashionista

 Fab choice don’t you think?

She wanted something more like this…

Fabulously frilly pink tutu (get your own from Bella Rose)

 So there we were in a fashion (style) stand-off… What was I to do? Put my foot down in a ‘very neutral I know fashion best’ kind of way?  Instead I chose the high road, albeit sprinkled with sparkly fairy dust and swathed in pink.

Eight years on and our house and the tribe now regularly indulge in some glitz, glam and an obscene amount of pink.

Guess what? We are all happily and sparklier for it! 

Happy Birthday my little Fashionista, wishing you many more years of indulging your passion for fashion including all things pink.

Enjoy xx




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