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Part of the fun of having a largish tribe of kids is the constant refereeing that takes place.  Despite my free-range approach to parenting (, I still step in if one of the tribe seriously over steps the mark.

Bullying and teasing are issues that get my hackles up. I have realised though over the years, that personality seems to play a big part. A bold adventurous kid appears to be much less likely to become a victim, whilst a shy sensitive little soul quickly becomes an easy target. Question is, when and how do you intervene?

This kind of trouble isn’t limited to kids, adults are just as capable of being bullies or falling prey to bullies.  This makes me think it is important to equip my little team with the right skills to handle anything, including bullies.

On the flipside, being sensitive or kind can be seen as a fault by some. Particularly if the sensitive little soul in question is a boy. My two little blokes are sensitive souls, one more so than the other.

Not a week goes by that I don’t hear helpful advice and commentary, ‘he needs to toughen up’, ‘he’s too sensitive’ and the all-time classic ‘boys don’t cry’.

Surely society has matured a little more than that?

I wonder what society will be like if we continue to make the sensitive souls harden up.

Surely it’s better to foster confidence and independence. Equip your little tribe to handle difficult situations. Above all else, I think it’s important to make you tribe feel comfortable with who they are, after all we could use a few more sensitive souls in the world.

What do you think?                                           

Enjoy xx

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