At the end of a working bee - now all we need is a cold drink!

It’s a bit tempting at times to try and give our family and friends the ‘best’ we can afford.

This morning, I had a conversation with my little sister about babies, presents for babies and girlfriends and started to wonder about some of the ‘best’ gifts I have ever received…

So here are my top five:

  • gorgeous ‘bouquet’ when I had my first little poppet, where the flowers were made from teeny singlets and socks!  Perfect for this little black duck as I suffer from hay-fever – not pleasant or attractive when you’ve just had a new baby. Check out for ideas/ inspiration! 
  • magazine subscription for Country Style and Gardening Australia. The gift that keeps on giving…literally, every month a new addition arrives and reminded me of the thoughtful person who gave it to me (thank you Mum).
  • quirky little box of kid-style goodness from
  • girlfriend arriving with cheese, crackers and a bottle of chilled wine. What more can I say?  A good girlfriend and a gossip makes everything seem better…
  • friends helping out on an old style working bee, finishing up with a cold drink admiring our handiwork! 

Your thoughts?

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