Over the weekend I made a monumental decision.

After 30-odd years of sporting long locks, I decided it was time for the chop.

I know, not a major life decision to some (or is it?), however to me it was a BIG decision.

I even had a nightmare the night before the BIG day.

A solid six months had been spent thinking, wondering, daring myself to go ahead and just do it…countless thoughts running through my head…

Am I too old for long hair?

What will the lovely Big A? I’ve only had long hair since we met?

Will I look more professional?

Will I feel less feminine?

Why am I mulling over this so much?

It is just hair, it will grow back.

Then it hit me, I think I may have been stuck fair and square in the middle of a hairstyle rut.

In fact if my former classmates had seen me at my recent 20 year high school reunion, they would probably have noted you haven’t changed much.

Which is true appearance wise.  Long straight brunette (with a tinge of red) hair doesn’t really date I guess. So with the occasional tweak (fringe here, layers there) that is exactly the style I had been sporting for, well, decades!

Without further ado…and embracing my new pledge of ‘I shall appear in photos’ spirit…


The ‘new do’ (photos kudos to the Mini-Fashionista) at This Grand Life

Enjoy xx

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