Today for me started at 5:10am, ok really 5:20am after a brief lie in.  I then crammed in a serious (in my land anyway) bout of gym time, healthy breakky with my little tribe, then a sprint to the bus.

Closely followed by a rewarding day in corporate world (my daytime gig) quality time hitting the books/studying, catching up with dear friends, delish lunch…. Well you get the gist!

Which got me thinking about how much we can squeeze into a day when pressed for time. Closely followed by how it is tempting at times to have a day doing nothing (trashy mag and the couch anyone?).

The strange thing is that those insane crazy days are often the ones that leave us feeling the most energized. Top of my list are:

  • Completing my final exam for uni, oh the uncertainty of facing the real world
  • The birth days of each of my gorgeous little cherubs – the world changing in a moment
  • Travelling across the world by myself with my tiny cherub to introduce her to her great-granddad

Carpe diem my friends…

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