'Our backyard!' I think I may have at least one other optimist in the family...

‘Our backyard!’ I think I may have at least one other optimist in the family…

It’s been a tough week in my neck of the woods, and I am feeling blessed that I am an optimist at heart.

Being a natural optimist is at times a double-edged sword though.

Whilst I  always tend to see the good and I think on the whole it’s a pretty good way to walk through life, not everyone feels the same.

I also get accused of gilding the lily.

Not being pragmatic.

Wearing rose-coloured glasses.

There is an element of truth there I suppose.

Sometimes a reality check is a good thing, being practical and laying out the risks is useful.

Mostly though, I think it’s about how I view the world.

I don’t see huge insurmountable problems and no glimmer of hope.

I see challenges. This seems tough, but I’ve survived and thrived in tougher environments.

Opportunities – this may seem unbelievably scary now, but who know maybe I’ll love it (that was diving…for work…near a huge drop-off), the thought of public speaking scares the pants off me, but I know I’ll love it once I am up there…

Rays of sunshine – singing Wiggles with Little L – who doesn’t love that crazy Captain Feathersword? –  when someone says thank you when I finish a tough job.

How about you? Optimist or pessimist?

Enjoy xx


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