Grey and gloomy today

Today was one of those grey, rainy days when time is best spent in front of the fire or under a blanket on the couch watching a movie. Or you could brave your local indoor aquatic centre with your little tribe in tow. Funnily enough, despite the lure of the couch and a chick flick, this is the option I chose.

Crazy right?

Four littlies, and an indoor aquatic centre. Oh, and I needed to wearer my swimsuit.  In public. You can’t really supervise your little tribe without getting wet, so there it is.

I think nearly every one of my female friends has at some point in time had an episode of ‘oh my God I am wearing my swimsuit in public fear’.

Just had a baby?

Just returned from an amazing foodie style holiday with a little extra holiday cheer?

Just having a bad, feeling a little frumpy day?

The last thing you feel like doing is popping on a swimsuit and going out. In public.

Today though, while in my swimsuit in public, I stopped to look around and noticed something.  There, also in their swimsuits, were other ladies, of every age, shape and size not to mention various states of fitness. So what was I really worried about?  Did I really care what someone else thought?

Wasn’t it more important to enjoy the time and be a positive role model for my little tribe? Especially the  Mini-Fashionista who can be slightly obsessed about appearance at times…

With this is mind I ditched my towel and joined the tribe, in my swimsuit. In public.

What are you up to today?  Do you suffer from a little bit of oh my God I am wearing my swimsuit in public fear?

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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