This Grand Life: getting inspiration by visiting Monets Garden or one of my fave blogs…

Reading a blog has become my new go-to place for inspiration, engaging with like-minded folk and daydreaming/ browsing.

The world-wide web is a big place though (suppose that’s where the name comes from!), so it’s a little tricky to work out where to start…

To help out in that space, here are five blogs I love to read and check in on daily.

  • The Beetle Shack ( beautiful pictures, lovely thoughts and some fab fashion ideas to boot!
  • Planning with Kids (  Having four kids in five years means this is ESSENTIAL!  Loads of great resources, tips and ideas.
  • Meet Me at Mikes ( Perfect for my daily fill of crafty inspiration, ‘Pip-style’ humour, and ideas for living life with a smile.
  • Decor8 ( So many ideas, and only one house to try them out. This is design inspiration heaven if you love design and also don’t mind a peek into fab houses and apartments.
  • Cup of Jo ( Jo lives a fab life in New York, and her honest commentary and beautiful shots makes you feel part of the story.

What are your favourite blogs?

Enjoy xx

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4 Responses to Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! Five fab blogs to check out…

  1. Hi – found your post from Just B blog school. Thought you might be interested in this post I wrote recently about creating hyperlinks – it looks neater when reading a post if you use them. Great list!

    • Kirsty says:

      Thank you! Yes, perfect, have been wondering, so you read my mind 🙂 Yay, can cross that one off my ‘tech list’! K xx

  2. Mummafox says:

    great bloglist l just added a few to my bloglovin reading list from your list that l didn’t know about. Thanks for sharing. Your website has a great layout and tags set up l am still trying to work my way around my blog it all takes a bit of trial and error. I’m enjoying being a fellow blogschool student as I feel like I’m back at school and the world’s opened up in a new way. lots of blogs to research, learn about, read and enjoy. Thought l would share my blog list with you too. you might find some treasures as well.
    x mummafox

    • Kirsty says:

      Thank you mummafox! Love hearing about new blogs! I was thinking over the weekend that blogs have become my new source of inspiration/ great finds. Blog school is brilliant isn’t it? I agree, it does take trial and error, but I think that’s part of the fun. Such a great sense of achievement when you FINALLY work something out. Happy blogging, K xx

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