this Grand life at Mount Claremont Farmers Market

The lovely Big A and I have always had a soft spot for farmers markets. We seek them out when travelling, LOVED the thrice-weekly market in our village in France and now enjoy heading to our local market each Saturday.

The beauty of a farmers market is being able to make a connection with the talented folk who grow and make all the delish produce.  Better yet, a portion of the proceeds from the market go to the local primary school where the market is held (if you want to check it out it’s Mount Claremont Farmers Market, sunnyPerth– every Saturday morning). How cool is that!

Another very good reason why we love farmers markets is our whole tribe LOVES food.

Top of the favourites list today were plump delicious blueberries, fresh beetroot, blood oranges, Bon Pussy Hot Chilli Sauce (I kid you not, that is the brand) and freshly squeezed ‘Go Troppo’ juice. One of the lovely stallholders even arranged a fresh load of beetroot so I could take a couple of extra pics. Again, how cool is that!

Thank you to the lovely market garden stallholder for the delish beetroot!

As soon as the French granny trolley was loaded, the whole family started planning what we can cook/make.

I’m off now to roast the beetroot to make a yummy salad…

Do you have a local farmers market?  Do you love going?   

Enjoy xx

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