Thank you Birdsnest  - love the hand-written note!

Thank you Birdsnest – love the hand-written note!

Ok, so call me a late bloomer, but I have only recently embraced the concept of shopping online.  Starting with books (I love Book Depository), I moved onto t-shirts (Threadless), and that was pretty much it.

Then I hit a speed bump in the form of a dodgy knee, and I needed to give the online retail world another shot, at least temporarily.

My two big dilemmas (and yes, well aware these are first world problems), were groceries to feed the tribe, and a quick wardrobe update (skirts and dresses only with a dodgy (ok slightly fat and swollen) knee.

Enter Woolworths for the grocery part, and well, I am sold!  I placed my order while sitting on the couch, and then right on time my entire order turned up the following night, including delivery to the kitchen (thank you kind delivery man).  Winner!  And in case you’re wondering this is NOT a sponsored post. I was just blown away with the simplicity and ease of online grocery shopping. So, I am converted (albeit temporarily).

Moving on to my wardrobe dilemma. So the dodgy knee means I can’t drive or walk far. Being a mum of four kids mean even if I could, with tribe in tow, nobody is having fun, let alone making great wardrobe choices.

Enter Birdsnest

I have been a fan on Facebook for a while now and love the daily styled outfits, but the furthest I got filling my cart/ wish-list and then signing off (does anyone else window shop online?).    

Now it was time for the real online shopping deal.  After about an hour of browsing (again on my comfy couch), I picked a couple of ‘dodgy knee’ friendly selections, and hit checkout. 

This afternoon, right on time, my gorgeous hand-wrapped purchases were delivered right to my front door, including a sweet hand-written note from Alex, one of the Birdsnest girls. Easy peasy, and oh so beautifully delivered!

While I will always love a gorgeous bricks and mortar store, I am now a huge fan of online shopping, especially when my life gets busy and sometimes a little complicated/crazy. Next up I am going to try fresh fruit and veg ( thinking of trying Aussie Farmers)

Have you embraced online shopping?

Enjoy xx

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2 Responses to Welcome to the world of online shopping: yes, yes I know I am a little late to the party!

  1. Anna says:

    Oh yes you are late! I couldn’t survive without Supa IGA, The Lettuce Shop, Net a Porter, JK Kids, Book Depository, Mecca Cosmetica Online, Officeworks online…….and so many more….

    • Kirsty says:

      Brilliant, thanks Anna! Now I have a couple of other sites to visit… I think I am definitely converted to online retail! K x

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