This week I have the pleasure of walking through an art gallery to get to my office. Normally my day starts with a trek through an austere lobby, however this week is different.

The gorgeously spectacular Colours of Our Country is on show. My day is now starting with glorious swirls of crimson, teal and okra. Detailed designs and amazing imagery fill the cavernous space making it seem instantly more inspirational.

If you are curious/ want to daydream about what you would buy, click here for a peek…

This also got me thinking… what is art?

The tribe visited the divine Centre Pompidou last year in France, and loved every minute. Well, almost.  One member of the tribe (he who shall not be named), thought it was all a bit, well amateur.  ‘Well, it’s not really art is it’, said he who shall not be named.

These are some of the ‘pieces’ we saw.

The tribe checking out a piece of modern 'art' at Centre Pompidou

What do you think?

The art critic amongst us was far more impressed on the visit to the Louvre. ‘Now that’s art!’

Captain Jack and Flashdance take in the 'real art' on show at the Louvre

 As for me, I am an art lover of all varieties, and have a particular soft spot for the ‘art’ produced (prolifically) by my little tribe. 

'A solar system' by Flashdance (age 4)

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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