Bored? Time to become an idea engineer and get a project...

Bored? Time to become an idea engineer and get a project…

Today a friend lamented that their job was getting a little dull and just wasn’t satisfying anymore.

Which reminded of  a fabulous life lesson I’d learnt years ago from a smart/ worldly mate.   

A little older and wiser than me, he had worked in a number of different jobs, traveled the world, and renovated a couple of houses. Throw in running a business and having a VERY active social life (every race day, charity ball, one serious social butterfly), and well he always seemed to be happy with his lot in life.

Despite always being super-busy he always had a ‘project’ on the go.

Which brings me to the life lesson he shared with me one day, well before I had the tribe, and when I worked a lot (you know crazy town hours). I had a teeny whinge over a coffee one day that I wasn’t feeling happy anymore with work. It just wasn’t satisfying.

He shrugged and gave me some great advice.

His advice went like this, never rely on only one aspect of your life to bring you satisfaction.  Like work. Kids. Partner.  Instead, regularly set yourself a project, and then work through it until it’s done. 

That’s it, pure and simple.

Think of one project, plan it, do and revel in the satisfaction you get when its done.

What do you think?  Do you take on projects?

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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