Our beautiful beach at Cottesloe , last weekend before being swallowed by seaweed

What to do when the beach is swallowed by seaweed?

That is the question on my mind today as I checked the conditions for our planned day at the beach tomorrow…

Our beach, the lovely Cottesloe has been swallowed by seaweed!  No, not an April Fools Day joke, and definitely a BIG dampener on the weekend. Have a look here….

As reported on www.perthnow.com.au – Seaweed has swallowed our beach!

So what to do tomorrow?

After a lot of pondering/wondering/scheming and consultation with the stakeholders (that would be the tribe) this is our plan.

We are going to have a We Love Art + Animals day, ending with what I am sure will be a much-lauded exhibition in the lush surrounds of the back deck.

I am thinking it will go something like this…

We will be creating our own animals and habitat (can you tell I am science geek?).  Inspired by the very popular holiday camp excursion to the zoo, the tribe can cut loose with all the boxes/containers/paint and glue we can get our hands can create a little world for their creations to roam free.

In the afternoon, we will wind down by making jellyfish, butterflies and garlands to hang in our bedrooms.

I collected and collated a bunch of ideas here (http://pinterest.com/thisgrandlife/crafty-creations/ ) and here (http://pinterest.com/thisgrandlife/fun-ideas-for-kids/) for inspiration. Feel free to share or join us.  

Whew, I am getting exhausted (though absolutely excited) just reading that.

I promise to post pictures!

Enjoy xx

What are you up to on the weekend?

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