Today I thought I’d give you a quick peek into what the tribe is reading at the moment…

The lovely Big A: Don’t tell Mum I Work on the Rigs: She Thinks I’m a Piano Player in a Whorehouse (Paul Carter)

Me: Meet Me at Mikes (Pip Lincolne), John Carter (Edgar Rice Burrows), the latest issue of Frankie, Lonely Planet Guide to Paris.   So that would be craft/sci-fi/design/more craft/adventure/travel.  As always, 101 things on the go, which is business as usual.  

The Mini-Fashionista: EJ 12 (Susannah McFarlane), Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren) Stories about cool/adventurous/naughty/cheeky heroines…can you see a pattern here?

Pippi Longstocking. Kooky, fun and a little bit naughty!

Captain Jack: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Jeff Kinney), The Encyclopaedia of Animals (Jonathan Ephick and Jen Green) Fiction versus Non-Fiction. My future architect/ veterinarian/ poet loves to curl up with a good book or three!

Everything you ever wanted to know about EVERY animal

Flashdance: Charlie and Lola (xx, xx), Aliens Wear Underpants (xx, xx) Best friends, tomatoes, bugs and aliens…fab stories for the five-year-old set.

Little L: (on high rotation) Hippos go berserk (Sandra Boynton), Ten Little Fingers (Mem Fox) and Where is the green sheep? (Mem Fox) What can we say, we love you Mem and Sandra!  I have purchased five copies of the Where is the Green Sheep? over the years because we keep wearing/reading them out!

Those crazy hippos! Party animals!

Popular at our nightly story-time sessions:

Wanda Linda goes Berserk (Kaz Cooke) There’s a hairy-nose wombat, the Terrible Underpants, and the mother of all tantrums…what’s not to love?

Little Lunch: volumes 1-5 (Danny Katz) Awesomely funny, laugh out loud stories about what happens at recess. Bum, poo and other hilarious stuff for the under-nine crowd.

Wanda-Linda and Glenda, very funny stuff from a fab comedy duo

Enjoy xx

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