Today I had grand plans.  We would all spend loads of quality time together, crafty plans were laid (see here, a birthday to celebrate, a spruce of our humble digs, and some baking.  All today.  Of course, the tribe would all be totally into all of this, and would of course also be little angels.

What on earth was I thinking?

The tribe woke up grumpy (I was also possibly grumpy), Little L had come down with a cold and a bomb appeared to have gone off in our digs. Rolling up my sleeves I decided to just get stuck into it.

Craft time started well, we worked on making turtles and jellyfish. Captain Jack and Flashdance quickly decided the skewers were much better for poking each other than the paper plates.  Little L decided it was more fun to paint herself, rather than the jellyfish.  The Mini-Fashionista had a minor meltdown, as she thought we were converting the whole house into a zoo (the lounge was going to be a vet clinic). Not sure where she gets these ambitious plans from!


The tribe get stuck into craft-time in the This Grand Life household

The wheels didn’t fall off craft time.

We did however, have a big case of wheel wobbles.

According to the tribe, it was too hard, too tricky, too hot, too sticky, difficult, taking too long, the list went on…

It was so tempting to just pack it all in. Finish craft time and go and do something else. Something easier.

Then I thought, what would the tribe take away from the morning if we packed it in?

So I sat down with the tribe, and together we all persevered.

You know what, we finished and better yet we all had fun.

Jellyfish made by Flashdance @ This Grand Life

Flashdance commented, I’m happy we all finished, these are beautiful.   

I think he’s right, and I also think that the tribe learnt a valuable lesson today about the value of perseverance and resilience.  

Tomorrow I think we will just go with the flow and forget the plans…

Enjoy xx

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