The beginning of the next phase… Big School!

The beginning of the next phase… Big School!

This week marked a big event in our household.

The littlest member of our tribe started ‘big school’.

It seems like only yesterday we were grappling with the sheer challenge/joy of having four babies under five (we think of that time as Zombieland).

Trips to the park were exercises in military logistics, two twin prams, a twin nappy bag, plus an extra bag wherever we went, special ‘multiple birth’ car seats (narrow bases – most cars can’t squeeze 3 baby seats across the back).

Dozens of nappies.

Each week.

Constant feeding, changing, bathing, teething.

Learning to roll over, crawl, walk, repeat!

Vaccinations, trips to the kids hospital, questioning out ability to even be parents, let alone ‘good’ parents (is she too hot, is he too cold, do you think he’s still hungry?)

Then in a flash, we have four independent little souls who are off at school, finding their own way, turning into lovely young people (most times!) before our eyes.

I remember wishing when our youngest was little, that she would walk soon, talk soon, then all of a sudden she was.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned it’s important to cherish the moments as they come.  Sure some are more of a challenge that others, but all too soon, they pass, and the kids have moved on and we are left reminiscing.

So this week I am enjoying seeing Little L discover the joys of ‘big school’ just like I did the first time around. I am enjoying watching her master writing and building sandcastles and riding a tricycle.

Hope the first week at school went well at your place too!

Enjoy xx

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