Spring is on it’s way, and with spring comes spring-cleaning. That once a year kind of refresh and update.  This years spring clean came with a revelation… 

We seem to have formed our own little tribe.  This came to me as I counted up 12 pairs of Converse runners! 

Also, the book collection of each member of the household has outgrown the bookshelves. 

Add to this the overflowing sports gear buckets in the backyard.

So does this mean  we are all part of a Converse wearing, sports obsessed tribe of bibliophiles?

Did this happen over time?  Have I influenced my kids into adopting my traits (could be worse I suppose, they could love bedazzlers and Justin Bieber) ? 

Who’s your tribe?


2 Responses to Who’s your tribe? Meet the Converse wearing, sports obsessed bibliophiles…aka my family.

  1. Darren says:

    One certain little miss in this clan has just grown into a pair of pre loved pink sparkly converse sneakers thanks to you guys!

  2. Isabel Holzberger says:

    Yes we too have had some pre-loved and brand new converse, thanks to Aunty Kirsty!!!! Here’s hoping baby H will score some more this christmas…..but as The Holzbergers are true QLD’ers little miss H , is a haviana kind of girl!!!!!

Your thoughts?

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