What the hell is the fiscal cliff? Why you should give a toss about polictics...

What the hell is the fiscal cliff? Why you should give a toss about politics…

Ahhh, ignorance is bliss!

Or so it seems for many when watching the daily, if not hourly, happenings in the heady world of politics.

‘Big deal!’ you think, as a bunch of stuffy pollies argue the toss about what to do with your superannuation.

‘So what?’ you ask, when a slightly different, though kind of the same looking group talk about the Gonski review and how it’s vital to change the way the government funds education. Maybe you don’t even have kids, so why should it bother you anyway?

When was the last time you watched Q&A?

Do you care what the hot topic is in Question Time?  Have you watched question time?

Though it frustrates the bejesus out of me, I make an effort, on a regular basis to watch/read/ observe and get involved in this stuff.


Because this is where society and policy happens. And we are the recipients of this policy.

That’s right, in a few years time when we are all whingeing about how our super was eroded, and why didn’t anyone do anything about it, it will come back to these discussion about policies.

So this is my challenge for you for the week ahead…

Get in the know about the politics and policies that could affect you.  Find out who your local political rep is, find what they stand for, what are their policies. Read the political columns in the paper tomorrow, and try to watch Q&A tonight on ABC. 

The beauty of living in a democratic country is that you can be part of making the decisions that govern our society. That’s pretty important, and whilst it may seem a little dull at times (Question Time has a lot in common with high school in my humble opinion), you should persevere.

In the end, it can be a whole lot more satisfying reading  about the latest drama for the Kardashians.

Enjoy xx

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