Henri Rousseau (print available from art.com)

Oh how I love the way in which the little tribes imaginations work!

This morning, as I was playing tour bus driver, my head filled with the mile long utterly important ‘things to do’ list, I overheard a snippet of an awesome conversation.

Flashdance (5) ‘Remember those boats we made from Lego? Can they fly in the sky?’

Captain Jack (6) ‘Of course, that’s why we gave them wings! They’re airships.’

Flashdance ‘Ohhhh. What’s their other names?’

‘Zephyrs and they have another ‘z’ name’ replied our resident aeronautical expert.

‘Zeppelins?’ I offered, hooked on the exchange and keen to join.

‘Yes, that’s it’ replied the Captain.

Their little voices lowered and in hushed tones they planned adventures, missions and more designs for the zephyrs/zeppelins/airships.

I settled back into the rhythm of my gig as tour bus driver feeling proud and a tiny bit jealous.

Zephyrs, zeppelins and airships beats the pants off a ‘to do’ list any day.

Enjoy xx


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