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How to rock a tutu...

Lately I have had a hankering for a fringed suede jacket.  In my head I’ll look very ‘not a care in the world bohemian’. In reality I may end up looking like an op shop reject with a penchant for the worst of the 70s. Nevertheless, the hankering remains. I imagine the outfits that my buttery soft suede Calamity Jane-esque vest would compliment.  With skinny jeans, with a flippy, flouncy floral skirt, maybe with a floral playsuit. You catch my drift.

 Reality is, I know in my heart of hearts I will never purchase this vest.


 It’s a fashion fantasy.

 Am I alone here?  My last fashion fantasy was a floral playsuit, you know, the type that a leggy supermodel could rock. Me? Not so much. Well, apart from in my head, and there, well I totally rock that playsuit, with my strappy St Tropez sandals, with a big floppy straw hat. Again I digress on a fashion fantasy trip.

 Sometimes I am inspired by television, a movie or a fashion mag.  Remember Carrie Bradshaw and THAT tutu.  For months I daydreamed about that tutu (in pale pink of course), and all the fabulous outfits I would assemble using such a versatile piece. Other times I am literally struck by a fashion fantasy lightning bolt.  A few months ago it was a pair of suede brogues with fringing detail.  Oh the outfits I created, roll up my jeans, and voila! Instant Agnes cool.

Today a gold skater skirt caught my eye. Practical? No way!  In my head, gorgeous and perfect with a slinky top? Absolutely…

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 After a recent parent teacher interview I was left wondering…am I doing enough for the parent/ teacher relationship?

I thought I was coasting just fine, brief but positive feedback.  Apparently my little tribe are well-mannered, and on track with all that literacy and numeracy jazz. That’s a thumbs up right?

Apparently not says a good friend of mine. She tells me, that in her opinion and experience (as a teacher), it’s as the proverb tells us ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’.  In other words, if a parent is more vocal (demands, complains, etc), then their child gets more attention.  I was gob-smacked!  I am allegedly known as a ‘low maintenance parent’. The kind that goes with the flow, does their bit for the rosters (reading, etc)fills out permission slips on time, remembers the library books and most importantly never complains. Ever.

Which is a good thing. Isn’t it?

Apparently not.  What I should be doing is speaking up, raising objections if I think my child is being ‘left out’ or isn’t getting enough attention.  I have to admit, I did a bit of soul-searching after hearing this little gem.  Perhaps I was too agreeable, maybe I could advocate more for my child.  Then I thought some more about it and decided I was happy with my approach.  Lovely husband was happy too.  So if we are happy, my little tribe is happy, and the kids teachers are happy, then is there really a problem?

What do you think?  Is a proactive approach the best approach?  Or do we treat our parent teacher relationships as a partnership?

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