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'Our backyard!' I think I may have at least one other optimist in the family...

‘Our backyard!’ I think I may have at least one other optimist in the family…

It’s been a tough week in my neck of the woods, and I am feeling blessed that I am an optimist at heart.

Being a natural optimist is at times a double-edged sword though.

Whilst I  always tend to see the good and I think on the whole it’s a pretty good way to walk through life, not everyone feels the same.

I also get accused of gilding the lily.

Not being pragmatic.

Wearing rose-coloured glasses.

There is an element of truth there I suppose.

Sometimes a reality check is a good thing, being practical and laying out the risks is useful.

Mostly though, I think it’s about how I view the world.

I don’t see huge insurmountable problems and no glimmer of hope.

I see challenges. This seems tough, but I’ve survived and thrived in tougher environments.

Opportunities – this may seem unbelievably scary now, but who know maybe I’ll love it (that was diving…for work…near a huge drop-off), the thought of public speaking scares the pants off me, but I know I’ll love it once I am up there…

Rays of sunshine – singing Wiggles with Little L – who doesn’t love that crazy Captain Feathersword? –  when someone says thank you when I finish a tough job.

How about you? Optimist or pessimist?

Enjoy xx


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I am gearing up for my first boutique markets (can’t wait Mathilda’s Markets!!) and crossing my fingers for Finders Keepers, so it’s been flat strap on the sewing / creating front. With a super-busy house, and my daytime job as a scientist, it’s a little hard to get in the swing of crafty things at night after the tribe has gone to bed.

Enter the documentary.

I have a fab little studio at home where I create  fab frocks, art, brooches and gorgeous homewares for  This Grand Life, and I can sit for hours sewing up a storm.

It can seem a little quiet at night though, and there are times when the couch beckons me, come, sit down and relax…

Which is when watching great documentary can be a great way to change tact, wash away the day, and get creative.  This week I have been watching  Kakadu via ABC iview (how great is iview by the way!) as I stitch away. It’s brilliant stuff, filled to the brim  with amazing, funny, talented people from the Top End, action (the bushfires, catching and tagging crocs), interesting info about the spectacular landscape that is Kakadu. Add to this learning about the Traditional Owners, laughing along with the rangers at the antics of the tourists (loved the piece about the tourist who broke his ankle but was more concerned about ‘hot sand’), and you’ve got a great doco.

It’s pure gold.

Almost makes me want to move to the Top End.


Have you seen a great documentary lately?

Enjoy xx

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Do you have a Wolf Pack?

Do you have a Wolf Pack?

Confession time, I love The Hangover movies.

All of them.

In all of their cringe-worthy, gross and slapstick gold glory.

Every bit.

So much so, in the lead up to watching III, I re-watched I and II and enjoyed both every bit as much as the first time I watched them.

One of the main reasons the idea of a Wolf Pack really strikes a chord.

Do you have a Wolf Pack?

Did you have a Wolf Pack when you were younger?

In hindsight I realise I had two, one from my high school days, when everything was more free, easier, more innocent, and we ran amok. House parties, getting ready together and heading out on the town, brilliant trips away with zero parental supervision (how the hell that happened I do not know!)… Then a debrief the next day fueled by chips and gravy or McDonalds. Teenage gold!

Then I became a member of another Wolf Pack when I started Uni.

Formed in O week (that’s orientation week, a week when you are meant to get to know your uni environment, but most people drink a little bit too much and cut loose) this pack was large and chaotic. Most nights out ended in some kind of crazy/debauchery. The next day would be piecing together how it all went down.

Thank God Facebook didn’t exist.

From releasing chickens into our Hall Tutors room (kind of like the supervisor in our college) to midnight trips to the city to cocktail nights. I remember those nights (some a little fuzzier than others) and it always makes me smile. Golden days which were absolutely brilliant for that time and place, and a core pack of friends who had your back.

Life changes though, and we all move on to new places, partners are found, babies, family, and before you know it you are looking back with rose-coloured glasses.

Which brings me back to The Hangover, I II and III.

I love the relationships within the Wolf Pack, and with the people they collect along the way. It’s laugh out loud funny, but there are also moments of kindness, in a blokey unshaven, hungover way.

Long live the Wolf Pack!

Enjoy xx

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Our team...

super spies on the hunt for stolen treasure…

Humans are funny creatures aren’t we?

Despite all of the technology, development and innovation that has occurred, our happiness and security still seems to be linked to a primal desire to be part of a tribe.

Sure we can have the latest car, clothes and phone, but it’s all kind of meaningless unless we feel like we belong.

To a place, or a family or a circle of friends. Maybe its a workplace.

Feeling like you belong is a lot more satisfying than owning the latest flat screen TV. Isn’t it?

It’s easy to lose sight of though. To get caught up in the rush to have everything right now. The latest and greatest. Until you realise that really, what makes you happy is being with people you like, or in a place where you can relax/ have fun, or be inspired by a bunch of folks who’s own thoughts and outlook  resonate with you. It’s kind of magical to watch when a group of people is truly enjoying and thriving in each others company.

I watched my little tribe yesterday as they played one of their seemingly endless array of made-up games, and they were in the moment. Having a ball! Oblivious to everything and everyone around them as they played with a little mate of theirs. The game was super spies, and along with their trusty sniffer dog, (AKA Charlie the Wonderdog) they were on the hunt for some stolen treasure.

No fancy technology, no store-bought board game.

Just having fun with friends.

Next time you are out and about, indulge in a little people watching, and you’ll see what I mean.

How about you, do you feel like you are part of a team? A group? A place?

Enjoy xx

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I have been contemplating my future, career aspirations and life in general over the past week.

Kicked off my a 360° session (where you seek out and invite your leader and co-workers to assess you – sounds like fun right?) in the office, and spurned on by a thought-provoking day at WIMWA 2013(Women in Mining Western Australia).

I have been wondering what is it that keeps me satisfied in life?

The fabulous Jane Caro, gave an inspirational and hilarious speech at WIMWA, and spoke of finding the balance between boredom and fear.

This struck a chord with me.

Feeling satisfied, and happy isn’t the result of one silver bullet, one thing that makes everything right.

It’s more in a constant state of flux.

When life is becoming a little stale and uninspiring, it’s time to dial up the risk factor a little and try something new. Learn a new language. Apply for that job that may be a bit of a stretch. Eat somewhere new. Try cooking something different. Take a risk and cut your hair. A small change can make a big difference and be enough to get the fire burning again.

Likewise if your head is spinning, and life seems to be weighing you down, and it’s all getting a little hard, then it’s time to take your foot off the pedal and slow down.  Get back to routine. Cut out a couple of essential activities for you and the kids (let’s face it, nobody really needs to be playing three sports before the age of 5!). Go back to eating simple wholesome food. Walk instead of drive.

Which brings me back to where I am right now.  For me, it’s time to change it up, and dial up the risk factor a little. I have started my own blog (thank you for visiting!), started my own retail space and am amping it up a notch in my corporate life by getting more involved, joining the Institute of Company Directors and seeking out and accepting speaking gigs (my big fear is public speaking, I also happen to love doing it, after the event, when my nerves are a little less frazzled).

Where are you right now?  Are you satisfied?

Enjoy xx

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