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Scared of technology? Join the club…

Scared of technology? Join the club…

Technology used to scare the pants off me.  I would even proclaim, loudly and proudly, that I was a technophobe.

Then a shift happened.

I wanted to create a blog, and get back into textiles and design.The thought of using technology to do any of this quietly terrified me.

What if it was all too hard?

What if I was so clueless that I couldn’t even get started?

So I started small. My first triumphant feat was actually tiny in the grand scheme of things.

It was a widget.


A widget that allowed me to connect my Facebook site here to my blog here.

Sounds simple right?

Despite being a small task, in the past I would’ve skirted around this by getting someone else to ‘help’. Which is code for please do it for me. You know, because I am useless with technology, and am a technophobe.

In spite of my inner voice protecting, that it was all too hard, I charged headlong into it.

And won!

I found and installed a dinky little widget myself.

Connection successful.

How great is this? I thought.

If I can do this, I can take on anything tech. A few days later it hit e, I was no longer a technophobe. There was another unexpected shift that occurred. I realised that technology is a huge part of our lives.

How we embrace technology is a signal to our kids, our loved ones, our friends and our workmates about how they could embrace technology in their lives.

Do you embrace technology? Or are you a bit of a technophobe…

Enjoy xx

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