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Playing tourist in our home town...

Playing tourist in our home town…

Happy Australia Day!

Today we are playing tourist in our home town, sunny Perth, Australia.

It’s something we try to squeeze in whenever we can.

Take the time to take a drive, train trip, bus ride or walk to explore the place where we live. It is easy to become blasé about where you live, to start missing all the fab sights you see, because, well, you see them every day!

I gave Big A (my ever patient and lovely husband) a copy of Perth and West Coast Australia (Lonely Planet) for Christmas for further inspiration.

Have you ever played tourist in your home town?

The best way to start is to think about the last time you had visitors, and then run through the list of places which you think are ‘must sees’.  Sometimes it can be major attractions, other times it can be the ‘best place for coffee’, or ‘most picturesque swimming hole’.

Our hit list in Perth goes something like this:

  • Kings Park – some much to see, do, play, explore, and it’s right next to the CBD!  Check out Naturescape, Synergy Parkland, the walking/ hiking trails, Moonlight Cinema, skywalk, beautiful big boab tree.  The list goes on…
  • Cottesloe beach, Leightons, City Beach, any of the beaches really. Beautiful white sand, crisp water, awesome surf, not to mention watching the crazy/impressive antics of the kite surfers.
  • Swan River and Mathilda Bay – fab spot for a swim, picnic, dolphin spotting, walk, cycle, scoot.
  • York – a short day trip away from Perth to a sweet little town, filled to the brim with Instagram worthy shots of antiques, cottages, beautiful landscapes.

What are your top spots in your home town?

Enjoy xx

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Thinking? Gorgeous print via artretro (Etsy)...

Thinking? Gorgeous print via artretro (Etsy)…

One of the wonderful things about being on holidays is having the time to think.

Sure, between playing with the kids, sewing up a storm for my Etsy shop, and the usual domestic biz, there’s not a whole lot of *spare* time.

However, I have still found time to think, mull over and take stock.

I received a brilliant email newsletter from Meet Me at Mikes Pip Lincolne (do you subscribe? – it’s fab!). Her lovely post came with a list she had compiled taking stock, and an invitation to do the same.  So here it is… There’s a blank list below if you’d like to do the same!  Maybe even print it out and keep it, then take a look at the end of the year?

Making : Sundresses for my Etsy store
Cooking : Zucchini and carrot pie (will post a recipe this week)
Drinking : Pimms
Reading: Home (Beci Orpin)
Wanting: a cleaner
Looking: A Beautiful Mess via Feedly
Playing: Lego
Deciding: Where to buy a house?
Wishing: The weather would cool down soon
Enjoying: Time with the kids
Waiting: for news on Perth Upmarket
Liking: Fresh fruit and veg from the Mt Claremont Farmers Market
Wondering: How this year will pan out
Loving: My boys starting to become little men
Pondering: Publish an e-book?
Considering: Cutting my hair short again
Watching: Justified and Person of Interest
Hoping: I get a spot at Finders Keepers this year
Marvelling: At how quickly the kids are growing up
Needing: New runners
Smelling: Frangipanis in my backyard
Wearing: Thongs and Birkies…a lot!
Following: Mr Jason Grant… Sydney style gold!
Noticing: Fab prints (check out Dan300)
Knowing: The year will fly by!
Thinking: About finishing my PhD
Feeling: Happy (cheesy but true)
Admiring: Pip Lincolne (such a crafty generous lady)
Sorting: The kids clothes (hand-down, donate, up-cycle)
Buying: Ethical fashion this year
Getting: School gear organised
Bookmarking: Crafty inspiration at Sew Mama Sew
Disliking: All the negativity about gay marriage
Opening: Little packages from Craftumi
Giggling: At Little L testing out grown-up words
Feeling: Grateful and inspired


Here’s a blank list for you:

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Thanks Pip!

Enjoy xx

*Love the gorgeous print at the top? You can get it here on Etsy at artretro

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Our neighbourhood this morning…(photos from from the kids)

Our neighbourhood this morning…(photos from from the kids)

Hello and happy Sunday!

We kicked our day off with walking Charlie the Wonderdog and a family breakfast.

The kids decided to take photos along the way (including the Mini-Fashionista who is starting her own blog these holidays – there is a LOT of planning going on right now!), which meant it was more of a Sunday meander rather than a walk.

Not even a stroll, just a slow amble (including Charlie the Wonderdog, who enjoyed having the time to sniff and explore).

At first I started to felt annoyed, like we should be moving faster, getting there quickly, and was focussed on where we were heading.

Then I noticed that the kids were lost in a world of bugs, flowers, lanterns, and generally exploring.  The photo montage above is our neighbourhood, through their eyes. Brilliant stuff! I hadn’t even noticed just how pretty, flowery, and green the streets nearby really are. Along the way the kids talked about where the ‘barky dogs’ lived, where the spooky house was, and stopped regularly to check out a bug, tree, or flower.

It reminded me of our Sunday walks when the kids were all toddlers. The 5 minute walk to the local coffee shop in Sydney would take about half an hour, sometimes more, depending on how many ants, snails, and flowers were along the way.

Do you take Sunday strolls? Do your kids and fur kids take their time?

Enjoy xx

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The tribe hitting the sweet spot…aka relaxing...

The tribe hitting the sweet spot…aka relaxing…

We are now squarely in the midst of the school holidays, which from what I remember as a kid is the best part of the whole shebang.

At the beginning of the holidays you are still thinking of school.

Maybe you had a big end of the year.

Maybe super stressful exams.

Whatever it was, school was likely to have been still on your mind.

Then come the end of the holidays you are starting to think about school again.

Who will your new teacher be?

Will your mates be in your class?

Maybe it’s a big change – primary school to high school?

Middle of the holidays though, is the sweet spot.

End of school is a distant memory, and the next year is still ages away.

There are just days, and days, of well, doing your own thing.

As much or as little as you like.

In our house it’s a time to recharge everyones batteries, and do your own thing.

Want to go swimming every day? No problem.

Want to lay around and read all day – go for your life.

Welcome to the sweet spot!

How are your school holidays going?

Enjoy xx

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#Year of Ethical Fashion

#Year of Ethical Fashion

Happy New Year!

Its been a busy start tot he year in this neck of the woods, with markets, lots of sewing, creating and photos, returning to the office, and thinking about what the year holds.

This year, after reading a fab post from the lovely Pip Lincolne at Meet Me at Mikes,  I have decided to take up the challenge of ethical fashion. Here’s how it goes…

When I’m looking for things to wear (for the kids or myself) I will only:

a) Buy from ethical makers or
b) Buy second-hand or
c) Make it myself  or
d) Wear things I already own or
e) Borrow or swap garments with friends

(credit to Pip @ Meet Me at Mikes for the fab words)

I had already started down this path last year whilst sewing and creating clothes for my own little label (This Grand Life). Each piece takes me time (especially gorgeous little dresses and boardies), and so I have a real appreciation for anything handmade.  It’s a labour of love some of the time!

This is countered by having four little kids to clothe, and not wanting to spend a small fortune each time one of the kids has a growth spurt (a very regular occurrence in my house).

I had started to introduce the kids to the world of op shops and vintage fashion, along with teaching them how to sew (a hand life skill for boys and girls!).

Until I read Pip’s post, I had kind of left in at that, a nice thought and some good intentions.

So I decided to make the make the pledge to have a Year of Ethical Fashion, and in the process hopefully help the kids learn about making good choices along the way…

Enjoy xx

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