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The view from my lovely cousins wedding last weekend!

The view from my lovely cousins wedding last weekend!

Wowsers!  All of a sudden, it is April!

Between moving house, finishing up at my day job, sewing + creating for my Etsy store, studying and the kids school/sport/swimming/stuff the year has flown by!

So I thought it was a good time to follow the lead of the ever lovely and caressive Pip Lincolne and take stock…


Making : some new cushion covers (can’t find any that I like!)

Cooking : Taco Tuesday! One of our fave family dinner nights

Drinking : a giant takeaway coffee (with a freckle on top)

Reading: Educational Psychology and Country Style

Wanting: to get the markets…soon!

Looking: for a new novel to read…suggestions?

Playing: Monopoly…today with my 5 year old

Deciding: whether to sew or study today…decisions, decisions!

Wishing: Mum and Dad’s farm was closer – weekends visits!

Enjoying: settling into our new house

Waiting: for Uni results…

Liking: the kids discovering the books I loved as a kid

Wondering: how to create some capes (a la Little Red Riding Hood for winter)

Loving: Corduroy + seeing my gorgeous cousin tie the knot!  Congrats lovely!

Pondering: whether to cut my hair…again

Considering: Buying new winter boots…or not!

Buying: Office-type stuff, new whizz bang, printer/copier/fax?

Watching: Not a lot! Too much studying/sewing!

Hoping: to sleep in this weekend

Marveling: at my 8 year olds ability to dance anywhere

Cringing: at the criticism leveled at normal women’s bodies

Needing: another giant coffee or tea!

Questioning: my decision to give my littlest one a year off from ballet, she is itching to go back!

Smelling: the delicious Glasshouse Montego Bay fragrance in our house

Wearing: super comfy jeans, red H&M jumper and RM boots

Following: the media targeting teachers…again.

Noticing: how tall the kids are getting! Or am I shrinking?

Knowing: I will get through this giant study load.

Thinking: about a road trip in October

Admiring: my husbands ability to relax

Sorting: the house (the move was crazy/ hectic)

Getting: back on top of sewing super cut dresses

Bookmarking: blogs – a lot! Ready for mid-year break

Coveting: Bohemian Traders anything

Disliking: Grumpiness (mainly from me!)

Opening: another textbook (and secretly loving it!!)

Giggling: at Jon Snow’s awkward dinner party

Feeling: determined to get through Uni and find time with family

Snacking: wholemeal toast + crunchy peanut butter

Wishing: My sisters were closer too!

Helping: my kids organise holiday playdates

Hearing: the sounds of Adventure Time from the loungeroom

It’s such a fab thing to do to think about how your world if going…why don’t you take some time and take stock too!

Enjoy xx

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