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Heading up the track to the farm

Heading up the track to the farm

One of the fabulous benefits of having children or spending time with kids is that you get a reminder of how much joy they get from the world.

Discovering new ideas.

Exploring the world.


Laughing at silly things.

Living in the moment.

Kids are masters are stopping to smell the roses. Slowing down and moving at their own pace. Adults are always searching for ways to relax, meditate, calm down.

Most kids have got that in the bag.  Watch a small child playing with Lego, matchbox cars, playing a game of make-believe, and you can see they are fully immersed in the moment.

My kids are staying at my family’s farm this week.  I know already that they will spending their time, exploring, digging in the sandpit, catching frogs and generally having a grand old time.  There will be no structured plan, no to-do list.

Just fun, sunshine and spending time together.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, taking time to relax, and most importantly finding the time to have fun.

Enjoy xx

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taking stock on life

taking stock on life

I’ve carved out some time this week to sit and reflect on life.

Taking the time to think about how everything is going using a fab list from the lovely Pip Lincolne at Meet Me at Mikes, here’s my list…

Making : a super cool hoodie vest for my littlest poppet (because of her broken wing)
Cooking : zucchini slice and delish roast lamb
Drinking : Tea because I have given up coffee
Reading: Craft for the soul, New Scientist, Wendy (the stunt chicken)
Wanting: To spend more time with my gorgeous kids
Looking: at where I can spend some time at the beach for holidays
Playing: nicely with others…life is too short for nastiness!
Deciding: what the end of the year will bring (big questions here folks!)
Wishing: I could see my sisters more often!
Enjoying: catching up with old friends, good for the soul
Waiting: for some new books I ordered to arrive!
Liking: my new winter boots, make that loving!
Wondering: if I should have a big party for my 40th?
Loving: bearing able to wear a jackets/scarves again…thanks freezing weather!
Pondering: what to do over the Christmas holidays
Considering: subscribing to Frankie?  I love it, and it’s sometimes hard to find.
Buying: books!  Australian Geographic – fab pictures, interesting stories
Watching: Interstellar with my littlest bloke, it’s our new all-time fave.
Hoping: that my littlest poppet’s arm heals quickly!
Marvelling: at how quickly my kidlets are growing
Cringing: at some of the nastiness I see online, be nice folks!
Needing: time with family.  There is never enough is there?
Questioning: everything!  Now I see where the kids get it from!
Smelling: the gorgeous vanilla candle in the study whenever I am writing
Wearing: opaque tights a lot.  Makes me wish I lived in a cold climate.
Following: Pip Lincolne (a ray of sunshine!), Mrs Woog and Emma Watson
Noticing: I have more energy since giving up coffee.  What??
Knowing: more about evolution (current topic I am teaching), go Darwin!
Thinking: about fixed vs growth mindsets
Admiring: gorgeous Australian wool! Scarves, jumpers with elbow patches…sigh!
Sorting: kids clothes (this is never-ending with our largish family)
Getting: ready to quit sugar
Bookmarking: new patterns to try
Coveting: an old table (all that history!) and church pews for the dining room.
Disliking: the cold – except for the opaque tights bit
Opening: messages from old mates, and laughing at the memories
Giggling: a lot at my littlest poppet stretching her vocabulary and sometimes ‘muffing words
Feeling: happier now, thanks to old friends and the rugrats
Snacking: on carrots and hommus and cup-a-soups
Helping: Little L practice reading, I love picture books (Wendy, Meg & Mog, Goodnight Moon)
Hearing: fab tracks from the Offspring, Green Day…good times!


Here’s a list for you!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


Enjoy xx

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One of my fave quotes x

One of my fave quotes x

Today I have woken up happy.

Do you have those days?  The days when the sun seems a little brighter, you notice the flowers in your garden, there’s a sparkle in your eyes.

It’s a welcome relief after being a little melancholy, kind of down in the dumps mood for the last wee while.

My turning point was a conversation (via messages) with three lovely mates. Three of the funniest and warmest blokes I know, who have known me since I was 17.  We met at uni, and as I said in one of my messages back to them, the years we spent together were truly golden years.  Lots of laughs, a heap of great music, a fair bit of getting up to…(since my kids sometimes read this) mischief. Over 20 years later, they can still bring a smile to my face.

The clincher was a conversation with my littlest poppet last night. She came in to check on me while I was in the study, to see if I was doing ok.  When I said ‘yes, I just finished my assignment’, she said without hesitation, ‘well done Mum, I am so proud of you!’ topping it off with a kiss on the cheek.

Seriously made my night, and coupled with my reminiscing with mates dragged me out of my funk.

How lucky am I?

Four happy, bright little people I am lucky enough to have as my children, fab friends, a loving family and living in a friendly sunny city.

Life is pretty good, in fact as my 8 year old would say, actually it’s awesome!

How are you going?  Maybe you could spend time with a old friend reminiscing?

Enjoy xx

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