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One of our fave charts...stuck on the fridge!

One of our fave charts…stuck on the fridge!

Over a coffee with a lovely girlfriend this week, I started to think about the fab tips I have collected over 13 years of parenting.

Each time I heard/saw/read a good tip over the years, I have trialled it and if it’s a winner I have added it to our morning routine.  With four kids and two adults to get ready each day these save us all a lot of time and stress.

So because I think you guys are my friends too, here are a few of my faves:

  • Bag drop stop – create a bag drop spot. Maybe it’s near the front door, maybe it’s a hat-rack, maybe it’s a combo!  Whatever you decide, make it the kids job to drop their bag off/pick it up from there.  You can even add a lap-top charge station if you need to.  Add a spot for hats and shoes and you are ready to roll.  Here’s some pics for ideas…
  • Uniform shop – put all of the school uniforms in one spot.  I wash then hang uniforms straight up on a coat hanger and onto a small cloths rack. We have a basket nearby for school socks.  We also keep sports/dance/swim bags here too – packed and ready to go.
  • Lunchbox production line – get the kids involved! Make it the kids job to place lunch boxes on the bench when they arrive home.  In the morning, have snacks in one container, fruit in a bowl,  and let the kids assemble their own lunch.  This helps each child to take responsibility for what in their lunchbox and you can chat about healthy choices at the same time…winning!  Here’s some lunch-box inspiration.
  • Ban technology/ TV – no tv/iPad/phone/internet/devices until everyone is dressed and ready to go.  Stay firm on this one, let the kids know that technology is a no-go until there are dressed and ready.  Lead by example – no Facebook/ phones for adults either until you are ready too!
  • Breakfast all round. Make breakfast part of the morning routine, smoothies, toast, boiled eggs, cereal…whatever works with your crew!  Just make it simple, quick and as healthy as you can.  No breakfast equals grumpy kids (and grown-ups!).

I am sure you could add to the list!  What are your fave tips to get moving in the morning?

Enjoy xx


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