Smelling the roses...literally!

Today was one of those days when everything seemed rushed, one big hazy blur of meetings, eating on the go, multi-tasking (washing whilst running baths whilst cleaning up whilst thinking about upcoming events) and generally cramming as much in as possible to the one day.

Then a conversation with a friend made me stop and think…  She described her start to the day.  She took the ‘luxury’ of eating out for breakfast, by herself, at a gorgeous café in the city.  She had savoured a cup of tea (served in delicate china), fresh buttery toast topped with a selection of berry conserves whilst reading the paper.  This put a whole new light on her day, she felt reinvigorated, calm and ready to face the day.

Do we rush and hurry through the day too often?

When was the last time any of us savoured a cup or coffee or tea?

Tomorrow I plan to stop, smell the roses and give it a try…


Your thoughts?

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