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I am gearing up for my first boutique markets (can’t wait Mathilda’s Markets!!) and crossing my fingers for Finders Keepers, so it’s been flat strap on the sewing / creating front. With a super-busy house, and my daytime job as a scientist, it’s a little hard to get in the swing of crafty things at night after the tribe has gone to bed.

Enter the documentary.

I have a fab little studio at home where I create  fab frocks, art, brooches and gorgeous homewares for  This Grand Life, and I can sit for hours sewing up a storm.

It can seem a little quiet at night though, and there are times when the couch beckons me, come, sit down and relax…

Which is when watching great documentary can be a great way to change tact, wash away the day, and get creative.  This week I have been watching  Kakadu via ABC iview (how great is iview by the way!) as I stitch away. It’s brilliant stuff, filled to the brim  with amazing, funny, talented people from the Top End, action (the bushfires, catching and tagging crocs), interesting info about the spectacular landscape that is Kakadu. Add to this learning about the Traditional Owners, laughing along with the rangers at the antics of the tourists (loved the piece about the tourist who broke his ankle but was more concerned about ‘hot sand’), and you’ve got a great doco.

It’s pure gold.

Almost makes me want to move to the Top End.


Have you seen a great documentary lately?

Enjoy xx

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The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

Book club time again!  This time we read the marvellous little gem, The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul.

Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock in a literary sense, as I hadn’t even heard of Deborah Rodriguez’s book when one of the lovely ladies suggested we read it.

What a fab discovery!

Set in Kabul, it’s a gorgeous tale about the five women who meet and follows their lives as they deal with love and loss and everything in between. The book struck a chord with me on many levels, the overwhelming experience of being an expat, the bond we share with our closest girlfriends and of course finding love…

If you are looking for a great book to take on holidays or curl up on the couch in this chilly weather with under a blanket, it’s perfect.

Enjoy xx

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Each day I look on Facebook or twitter (yep, social media plays a pretty big part in my life!), I see someone mentioning how ‘cold’ it is becoming, or how the temperature is ‘really dropping’.

Which is true, sort of.

Technically, in terms of seasons we are heading into more chilly territory.

However winter in Australia is a bit of an oxymoron.  There aren’t a lot of places where we see snow falling. We don’t tend to see the temperature drop close to zero for very long, and in most places we get that glorious rise in temperature through the middle of the day.

Which leaves fashion lovers in a state of confusion. What do you buy for a winter wardrobe in sunny Oz?

Is it worth investing in a leather jacket/ boots/ thick tights when you may only wear them for a coupe of weeks each year?

With all of this in mind, here are my 7 fab finds for an Australian winter or a not so cold climate…

1. Blanket wrap from Witchery. Monochrome loveliness, scarf/ wrap, and a great way to keep warm when you’re out and about.

Blanket wrap by Witchery (AUD$59.95)

2. Chelsea boots by Witchery. Less fashion cash committment than a knee-high pair, and perfect into the warmer weather with a dress.Chelsea boots by Witchery (AUD$199.95)


3. Fab Country Road faux fur scarf to add a wintry feel to your work gear, or with jeans and silk top on the weekends

Faux fur scarf from Country Road (AUD$199.95)

Faux fur scarf from Country Road (AUD$199.95)

4. Sequin shoulder knit from Country Road.  Add a little bling to a wardrobe staple (black knit) – and lightweight enough to wear through into spring.

Sequin shoulder knit from Country Road (AUD$99)

Sequin shoulder knit from Country Road (AUD$99)

 5. Add a bit of a quirky twist to your wintry black with this gorgeous bowerbird pendant from Polli

Bowerbird pendant from Polli via Birdnest (AUD$44.95)

Bowerbird pendant from Polli via Birdnest (AUD$44.95)


6. Try this drop waist dress from seed (did you know Seed also had a fab ladies range?)


Drop waist dress from Seed (AUD$129.95)

Drop waist dress from Seed (AUD$129.95)


7. Last but not least, a fab new pair of jeans, not just any jeans, floral jeans, which can take you straight through into spring.  I love these from Atmos & Here via the Iconic

Atmos&Here Carolina Jeans via The Iconic (AUD$79.95)

Atmos&Here Carolina Jeans via The Iconic (AUD$79.95)

Enjoy xx

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Staying between the flags, the tribe checks out the surf

Are you having a fab life yet? This is (not) what we do daily…

Having a fabulous life?  Living your life to the max?

A lovely girlfriend commented to me yesterday that she felt she had been too honest, even brutal when she described her family holiday. Put simply, the family holiday had been a camping trip, where it was way too hot, the kids were a bit of a nightmare at times, and they had quite a lot of time hanging out at the beach doing nothing.  All in all, not bad.

She was feeling pretty good about this, until she spotted a friends update on Facebook, regaling the Facebook community of friends about how she’d taking her family looking at beautiful caves, fishing, for a fabulous alfresco lunch (which was prepared fresh with organic produce), and how her children were a delightful giggly bunch of well-behaved goodness.  In one day. In the same sweltering weather. 

She wondered how on earth anyone could possibly fit all of that in, and end up with a happy tribe at the end of the day?

Or was this perhaps an edited version of the day? A Facebook friendly account of what had taken place?

I’ve been guilty of ‘styling’ the odd photo or two.  Slightly rearranging a ‘spontaneous’ moment… Have you?

Burnt from an earlier experience of posting on Facebook years ago, that I was ‘shattered’ after a long day at work, whilst pregnant, and chasing after two toddlers, I am now a little more cautious. That day, when Facebook prompted me with ‘how do you feel’, I was brutally honest. I felt shattered, meaning tired, grumpy and, well, a wee bit exhausted. So, I said how I really felt.  Without delving back into it, let’s just say I copped a bit of flak.  About being too honest, that people may worry when they read my status, and it may be misinterpreted.

All good points.

However, I wonder, who are we kidding when we present a glowing, every day is a pleasure account of our lives? The lovely Mia Freedman wrote a fab column on the weekend about prefect parenting, and how not every moment is sheer pleasure.  I read her column whilst picking up two takeaway coffees savouring the ‘quiet time’ away from the tribe.

I vote for more honesty. While I am still firm advocate for seeing the upside in the everyday, I think a side-serve of honesty would help us all.

Enjoy xx

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Kids & tv. A modern day parenting dilemma?

Kids & tv. A modern day parenting dilemma?

This morning I had to take a long hard look at myself, and got a little bit of perspective back into the equation.

First, a little bit more background.

A few days ago, after being kept up all night with the tribe having nightmares (a spooky tree, a buzzy insect, you get the gist), the lovely Big A and I decided to cut all kids tv time to zero.

No more cartoons in the morning.

No more iCarly at night.

No more Avengers (the cartoon variety, not the blockbuster), Spongebob, Adventure Time, Dora.

This of course caused outrage. According to the tribe ‘it wasn’t fair’, they were pretty sure they would be ‘really bored’ and of course the old chestnut of ‘all our friends get to watch kids tv’ was thrown in (that one never disappears, does it?).

We stayed strong. Well, until this morning, when a friend commented, it was a little unfair. I mean it was, after all, ‘school holidays’.  So surely it was ok if they ‘had some fun’?

I wavered in my resolve.  Was I being a zealot and laying down the law too much, being too strict?

That’s when I gave myself a huge reality check.

We were talking about tv. And more so, foxtel (cable for our international friends).  Also, it is a BIG tv, which they have the privilege of viewing from a BIG comfortable couch, in air-conditioning comfort, in a nice home, in a lovely suburb. There is no hardship to be had. By anyone. Just a comfortable life, with healthy food, great education and access to a lot of privileges.

So I am pretty sure, I am not being mean. In fact I am certain of it.

Not only that, a huge  upside of the kids-tv-ban has emerged. The whole tribe is reading more, speaking to each other more, and well, being nicer kids (not that they were horrid before, just that this ban seems to be bringing out their good traits).

I probably sounds incredibly old-fashioned by saying this, but bear with me here.  Watching television is not a ‘necessity’, and cutting the time my kids spend in front of tv doesn’t make me a ‘tough parent’.

Or does it?

Have you ever cut your kids off from a ‘necessity’ like tv?

Enjoy xx

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T is for T-Rex! #amonthof

T is for T-Rex! #amonthof

One of the many fab things about being a mother to two little boys is the whole new world of interesting stuff they are into.

Top of the list is dinosaurs.  So in honour of our tribes love of all things prehistoric, todays entry in the #amonthof series is T is for T-Rex, king of the dinosaurs.

Know someone who LOVES dinosaurs?

Here’s a few fave dino-themed discoveries of our own.

  • If you live in London or have the chance to visit check out the Natural History Museum, it is a dino-lovers dream. Filled to the brim with models, skeletons, fossils and other cool prehistory, this place blew our minds.
  • Get a couple of cool dino books, we love this one and also this one (the artwork/drawings are beautiful – whether you love dinosaurs or not).
  • How about building your own dinosaur?  We’ve build this one, the t-rex (of course), and they look pretty cool!
  • What about throwing a dino-themed party? A fab friend of ours threw a great party a few years ago, where kids were presented with a ‘dig pass’ when they arrived, discovered some ‘bones’ in the sandpit/ site, and had a ball doing a dino-themed scavenger hunt…(complete with dino-trivia along the way)

Enjoy xx


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Saffron...a culinary con?

Saffron…a culinary con?

Have you ever used saffron in a culinary creation?

Was it really essential to the recipe?

Did it cost an outrageous amount of money for a tiny little smidge of yellowy/orange? (try $6 for o.5g… OUCH)

Would the recipe have been the same without the saffron? Could I substitute with something else (turmeric?)

All this raced through my mind as a I pondered making this recipe

What do you think? Is saffron an enormous culinary con?

Enjoy xx

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Today I got to thinking about music and one of the absolute FAVE bands, the Rolling Stones for my entry for ‘R’ in the #amonth of series.

This is probably a result of spending a LOT of time in the tour bus with the tribe (mine that is, not Mick and the boys, though am not sure which would be more chaotic).  The Mini-Fashionista is predictably loving 1D (that’s One Direction for all you old peeps not in the know, and a band I rate ever so slightly above Justin Bieber, eg mind-numbingly catchy boppy rubbishy tunes), Little L loves Nicki Minaj (seriously not age appropriate I know – and tricky to find some PG rated versions), Captain Jack is into folk (of Monsters and Men) and Flashdance is keeping it real with Daft Punk, and …the Rolling Stones.

The little champ has done us proud by embracing some old school cool, and donning my iPod in the car so he can listen to his tunes.

A little earlier in the year, I wrote about our fave tracks, and it is a constant ‘battle of the bands’ in the tour bus, one stereo + 6 unique peeps = disgruntled punters.

So for the letter ‘R’ I wanted to celebrate old school cool and give kudos to Flashdance for loving the Rolling Stones.

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Q is for Quiet via

Q is for Quiet via

When was the last time you enjoyed some quiet time?

Late at night once everyone is in bed?

An early morning walk?

On a plane by yourself?

It can be a pretty confronting thing at first. I find it takes time to adjust to the quiet, to enjoy the calm that comes with silence.

Just like absence makes the heart grow fonder, do you think being bombarded with noise and chaos makes us crave a quiet moment?

I love my crazy, chaotic life nearly all of the time, but sometimes, I just want a quiet moment.

To think, to reflect, to daydream.

How about you?

Enjoy xx

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P is for Picnic #amonthof

Happy Sunday!

I love Sundays, apart from the fact its the weekend (hooray for weekends), it’s also traditionally the day in sunny Perth that you grab a picnic and hit the beach, park, river and enjoy being outdoors.

I’ve always admired this about our adopted home, that people love nothing better on the weekend than to hit the beach or river.

A result of the State refusing to embrace Sunday trading for many years?


So this morning, when I was wondering what to do today, I spotted the little scene above in Little L’s room, and thought, brilliant idea, picnic by the river it is!

What are you up today?

Enjoy xx

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