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Hello Spring!  The first day of the month feels like a fresh start in a lot of ways.

It’s the first day of Spring and sunny Bris-Vegas is being true to form, the days feel warmer and brighter already.

The kids are well and truly into the swing of things at school.

I am now unpacked, settled and well, also appear to be wearing the same thing day in day out.

Well, at least it feels that way!

Skinny jeans and top, plus boots. The main reason for my ‘uniform’ is that it’s easy to throw on jeans and a top and be out the door super quick. No easy feat when you also need to get four kids out the door in some semblance of order before lunchtime.

So, it was perfect timing to read about the gorgeous Fox in Flats Style Dare for September! I signed up in a flash…

Here’s the lowdown…

Fox in Flats Style Dare

Fox in Flats Style Dare


Want to join in?  You can follow up over on Instagram and Facebook…come on, you know it’s going to be fun!

Enjoy xx

#Year of Ethical Fashion

#Year of Ethical Fashion

Happy New Year!

Its been a busy start tot he year in this neck of the woods, with markets, lots of sewing, creating and photos, returning to the office, and thinking about what the year holds.

This year, after reading a fab post from the lovely Pip Lincolne at Meet Me at Mikes,  I have decided to take up the challenge of ethical fashion. Here’s how it goes…

When I’m looking for things to wear (for the kids or myself) I will only:

a) Buy from ethical makers or
b) Buy second-hand or
c) Make it myself  or
d) Wear things I already own or
e) Borrow or swap garments with friends

(credit to Pip @ Meet Me at Mikes for the fab words)

I had already started down this path last year whilst sewing and creating clothes for my own little label (This Grand Life). Each piece takes me time (especially gorgeous little dresses and boardies), and so I have a real appreciation for anything handmade.  It’s a labour of love some of the time!

This is countered by having four little kids to clothe, and not wanting to spend a small fortune each time one of the kids has a growth spurt (a very regular occurrence in my house).

I had started to introduce the kids to the world of op shops and vintage fashion, along with teaching them how to sew (a hand life skill for boys and girls!).

Until I read Pip’s post, I had kind of left in at that, a nice thought and some good intentions.

So I decided to make the make the pledge to have a Year of Ethical Fashion, and in the process hopefully help the kids learn about making good choices along the way…

Enjoy xx

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Thank you Birdsnest  - love the hand-written note!

Thank you Birdsnest – love the hand-written note!

Ok, so call me a late bloomer, but I have only recently embraced the concept of shopping online.  Starting with books (I love Book Depository), I moved onto t-shirts (Threadless), and that was pretty much it.

Then I hit a speed bump in the form of a dodgy knee, and I needed to give the online retail world another shot, at least temporarily.

My two big dilemmas (and yes, well aware these are first world problems), were groceries to feed the tribe, and a quick wardrobe update (skirts and dresses only with a dodgy (ok slightly fat and swollen) knee.

Enter Woolworths for the grocery part, and well, I am sold!  I placed my order while sitting on the couch, and then right on time my entire order turned up the following night, including delivery to the kitchen (thank you kind delivery man).  Winner!  And in case you’re wondering this is NOT a sponsored post. I was just blown away with the simplicity and ease of online grocery shopping. So, I am converted (albeit temporarily).

Moving on to my wardrobe dilemma. So the dodgy knee means I can’t drive or walk far. Being a mum of four kids mean even if I could, with tribe in tow, nobody is having fun, let alone making great wardrobe choices.

Enter Birdsnest

I have been a fan on Facebook for a while now and love the daily styled outfits, but the furthest I got filling my cart/ wish-list and then signing off (does anyone else window shop online?).    

Now it was time for the real online shopping deal.  After about an hour of browsing (again on my comfy couch), I picked a couple of ‘dodgy knee’ friendly selections, and hit checkout. 

This afternoon, right on time, my gorgeous hand-wrapped purchases were delivered right to my front door, including a sweet hand-written note from Alex, one of the Birdsnest girls. Easy peasy, and oh so beautifully delivered!

While I will always love a gorgeous bricks and mortar store, I am now a huge fan of online shopping, especially when my life gets busy and sometimes a little complicated/crazy. Next up I am going to try fresh fruit and veg ( thinking of trying Aussie Farmers)

Have you embraced online shopping?

Enjoy xx

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Each day I look on Facebook or twitter (yep, social media plays a pretty big part in my life!), I see someone mentioning how ‘cold’ it is becoming, or how the temperature is ‘really dropping’.

Which is true, sort of.

Technically, in terms of seasons we are heading into more chilly territory.

However winter in Australia is a bit of an oxymoron.  There aren’t a lot of places where we see snow falling. We don’t tend to see the temperature drop close to zero for very long, and in most places we get that glorious rise in temperature through the middle of the day.

Which leaves fashion lovers in a state of confusion. What do you buy for a winter wardrobe in sunny Oz?

Is it worth investing in a leather jacket/ boots/ thick tights when you may only wear them for a coupe of weeks each year?

With all of this in mind, here are my 7 fab finds for an Australian winter or a not so cold climate…

1. Blanket wrap from Witchery. Monochrome loveliness, scarf/ wrap, and a great way to keep warm when you’re out and about.

Blanket wrap by Witchery (AUD$59.95)

2. Chelsea boots by Witchery. Less fashion cash committment than a knee-high pair, and perfect into the warmer weather with a dress.Chelsea boots by Witchery (AUD$199.95)


3. Fab Country Road faux fur scarf to add a wintry feel to your work gear, or with jeans and silk top on the weekends

Faux fur scarf from Country Road (AUD$199.95)

Faux fur scarf from Country Road (AUD$199.95)

4. Sequin shoulder knit from Country Road.  Add a little bling to a wardrobe staple (black knit) – and lightweight enough to wear through into spring.

Sequin shoulder knit from Country Road (AUD$99)

Sequin shoulder knit from Country Road (AUD$99)

 5. Add a bit of a quirky twist to your wintry black with this gorgeous bowerbird pendant from Polli

Bowerbird pendant from Polli via Birdnest (AUD$44.95)

Bowerbird pendant from Polli via Birdnest (AUD$44.95)


6. Try this drop waist dress from seed (did you know Seed also had a fab ladies range?)


Drop waist dress from Seed (AUD$129.95)

Drop waist dress from Seed (AUD$129.95)


7. Last but not least, a fab new pair of jeans, not just any jeans, floral jeans, which can take you straight through into spring.  I love these from Atmos & Here via the Iconic

Atmos&Here Carolina Jeans via The Iconic (AUD$79.95)

Atmos&Here Carolina Jeans via The Iconic (AUD$79.95)

Enjoy xx

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Remember Dolly?

Remember Dolly?

This week I caught the Mini-Fashionista reading a ‘NW’ left at our home by my sister (for me to catch up on my dose of useless knowledge and celebs – thanks sis’).

Anyhoo, the Mini-Fashionista is almost 9 (her words, not mine), and had more than a few questions from reading the mag.

‘Why would anyone want to lose weight fast?’

‘I LOVE this fashion’ – then I noticed it’s the ‘outfit’ on the fail list for being a little too streetwalker.

The questions went on… I tried convincing her to read something else, but she kept going back to her new mag. It all came to an abrupt end when her charming little brothers drew moustaches on everyone in the mag. HILARIOUS! Well, they thought so, the Mini-Fashionista…not so much.

Which lead me to our local supermarket… and to the latest edition of Dolly.

And whoosh, there goes my little girl, straight past barbies and My Little Ponies…

Did you read Dolly? I remember loving the pre-read copies I got from my lovely cousins. It was an insight into a whole new world, where all my enbarassing questions could be answered.

Periods. Boys. Boobs and bras. You name it, Dolly had the answers.

So back to the supermarket and Dolly. I stood there, frozen for more than a few seconds.

Is ‘almost 9’ too young to read Dolly?

Surely she is way too young to think about boys, boobs or periods?

Then I thought back to when I was almost 9, life was starting to get a little confusing. I had lots of questions, and all around me girls were getting interested in boys, boys were starting to behave a little strange (that doesn’t change though does it?) a few girls got their periods. Dolly didn’t make sense of everything, but it made me feel a little more normal, and I learnt about a lot of embarassing stuff (remember Dolly Doctor?).

So I bought the Mini-Fashionista her first ever copy of Dolly.

When I got home I presented it to her and – she LOVED it.

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E is for Eccentric. Nicki Minaj via

Today for the #amonthof series, I chose E is for Eccentric! Why? Well, because in our house we embrace the odd, celebrate the kooky and try to make sure our littlest peeps are marching (or dancing) to the beat of their own drum.

No mean feat.

It’s really hard to embrace eccentricity when one of your tribe (Little L – aged 3)  has decided today it would be best to front up to the world dressed as a kooky pop star (thank you Nicki Minaj), complete with pink hair, tutu and tiger sneakers. The slightly-overly-concerned-parent part of me thinks, God, what will people think?  Am I setting her up for piercings at 5, and tattoos at 12? Not that there is anything wrong with either of those life choices, but…not on my little cehrub…just yet.  

Then I think, what if she is the next Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga, and to her this is normal, and feels right? I read here, that Lady Gaga always felt different, and wanted to be creative. Who am I to curtail any of that freedom of expression?  Ok, so I am her mother, but really will pink hairspray and a tutu set her on a path to rack and ruin? 

Probably not, and in the meantime, she gets to express her own kooky style…

Do you embrace the eccentric?

Enjoy xx

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Loosing your street-cred? Walk this way…

Crocs…urghhhhhh!  A few weeks ago I posted I was struggling with a love them/ hate them dilemma on Facebook. Love the practicality and easy peasy on/off features, detest the ugly, clumpy plastic look.

Enter HUGE response!

Who would have known that my lovely friends felt so strongly, about, well, shoes!  Big ugly plasticky type shoes at that.

It all stemmed from me making the BIG decision, to allow my tribe to wear crocs.  To say I am not a fan is an understatement. I put crocs right up there with ‘character’ ties (Bugs Bunny on a tie does not equal cool), and bum-bags.

Seriously NOT cool.

Despite this, I gave in, surrendered my street-cred and each of the tribe now owns and sports a pair of those ugly suckers. Likewise on the character t-shirts front (which I put in the same vein as character ties). I mean why would anyone want to BRAND their child?  Yet, take a peek in the tribes wardrobes and you will find Ben 10, Barbie, Ironman, whatever is hot at the moment plastered across a t-shirt.  My only concession is that they can only wear them as pyjama shirts.  Small victories my friends, and also me clutching at the last shreds of my street-cred.

Have you surrendered your fashion-cred since growing up/having a tribe of your own?

Enjoy xx

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This Grand Life out and about…wearing…shock! horror! hand-me-downs!!

This week I introduced the Mini-Fashionista to the fun-filled world of op-shops.  My little future stylist has always had an eye for the unusual, and I’ll readily admit to indulging her somewhat quirky taste (see here).

Tutus + converse high-tops? No problem.

Equestrian themed ensemble with no pony in sight? Sure.

This all gets a little pricey when like me you kitting out a tribe of little people, plus yourself, plus the lovely Big A.  Which is where hand-me-downs and op-shops come into the picture. Right?

I remember as a kid, LOVING the hand-me-downs that came my way from my cooler older cousin. Jungle-safari inspired shirt and knickerbockers, green stretchy velvety tube dress, baggy sportsgirl t-shirts, oh the list goes on (please bear in mind it was the 80’s, and these pieces were the HEIGHT of fashion).

Have times changed though?

Have hand-me-downs become passé?

Are op-shops only cool if you are a grown-up and then it is called vintage?

Enjoy xx

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a dreamy kaftan by the queen of kaftans Camilla Franks

I am totally sitting on the fashion fence on this one! 

I see glam ladies rocking a kaftan, and think, yes that could be me. Strolling along the beach, kaftan billowing in the breeze, looking every bit the India Hicks/Elle Macpherson-esque bohemian lady.

Reality seems to be completely different!

For starters where do you get those kaftans??  Everyone I have tried on looks like a sac, which then clings in all the wrong places, and worse is not cool and breezy. It is hot, clingy, and makes me feel a little, well, blah!

Then, apart from on the beach, where else do you wear your kaftan?

You can’t wear your kaftan to work (well unless you work in a kaftan shop I guess).

You can’t wear your kaftan to the school pick up (unless you live in the Bahamas and India Hicks happens to be your neighbour from the  island next door).

You can’t wear it shopping (unless you are in the Bahamas and you have run out of tropical provisions or other essential Bohemian lifestyle supplies).

Which leaves me back at the beginning…to kaftan or not to kaftan? That is this weeks fashion conundrum…

Enjoy xx

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Nature is a brilliant source of inspiration (see here), and that includes all creatures great and small.  Two of my all time faves are owls and foxes. Whether adorning cushions, curtains, wallpaper, or starring as the inspiration for a fab piece of jewellery, owls and foxes rock.

Inspired by foxes and owls (naturally)

From the top (left to right)

1. Retro Owl cushion by seven dandelions (available here)

2. Gorgeous pair of foxy cushions by Robin and Mould (available here

3. Owl and mushroom cushion from freedom (available here)

4. Divine owl necklace by Danielle YC (available here)

5. Foxface necklace (available here)

6. Delightfully foxy duvet set by the lowercase (available here)

7. Owl bandit necklace (available here)

Do you find inspiration in nature? Have you got a favourite little critter?

Enjoy xx

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