One of the tribe eeking out a little space of his own

What a lovely spacious bubble we occupy at times…

This thought occurred to me today when I made the outrageous suggestions that my little tribe could …SHARE A ROOM!

Unusual?  Possibly…

Controversial? Turns out, definitely!

Why the controversy?

Well, because maybe, as some thoughtful friends proffered, ‘the kids might need some space’.

‘From what or whom?’ I wondered.

Some of my most private, calm and peaceful moments come in busy crowded spaces.

I sit here writing, thinking, pondering life in a busy bustling inner-city café.

Is space really about respect for your friends/family/others?

Do you really ‘need’ your own room as a five-year-old?

Or is it more fun to lie in bed at night whispering about jet-packs with your brother/partner in crime? Or spend long hours constructing an ‘igloo’ out of cushions for your ‘huskies’ with your ‘Eskimo family’?

Sure we all need time out to reflect and relax…

For now though, the tribe will continue to learn to share space, and their lives and along the way have a whole lot of fun.

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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